Annual Research Report

Each year we produce a report highlighting our year in research. Browse through these PDF version of our research to read about our past and current projects and initiatives:

Celebrating Community-Based Research: Annual Research Report 2018-2019

Culture, Resilience, and Place: Annual Research Report 2017-18

Ten Years of Community-Based Research: Annual Research Report 2016-17

Engaging and Supporting Young Change Makers:  Annual Research Report 2015-16

Driving Policy Through Practice: AGM Report 2014-15

Annual Research Report:  Annual_Research_Report_2013-14

Research in Action:  Annual Research Report 2012-2013

Building Northern Ontario’s Research Capacity: Annual Research Report 2011-2012

5 years of strengthening communities: Annual Research Report 2010-11

Supporting Sustainable Communities: Annual Research Report 2009-10

Dedicated to the practice of holistic community development: Annual Research Report 2008-2009

Building Community Capacity:  Annual Research Report 2007-08

To view our Project Publications click here.