02 Jun 2016

Free Workshop – The Co-operative Model: Overview & Legalities

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Learn about incorporating the Co-operative Model into your social enterprise!

Come down to the Sault Community Career Centre located at 503 Queen Street E., Thursday June 9th from 5:30-8:00PM.

Co-operatives differ from other businesses in three key ways:

A Different Purpose: The primary purpose of co-operatives is to meet the common needs of their members, whereas the primary purpose of most investor-owned businesses is to maximize profit for shareholders.

A Different Control Structure: Co-operatives use the one-member/one-vote system, not the one-vote-per-share system used by most businesses. This helps the co-operative serve the common need rather than the individual need, and is a way to ensure that people, not capital, control the organization.

A Different Allocation of Profit: Co-operatives share profits among their member-owners on the basis of how much they use the co-op, not on how many shares they hold. Surplus profits are returned to members and, therefore, remain within the community. Co-operatives also tend to invest their profits in improving service to members and promoting the well-being of their communities.

Facilitating the evening will be Maureen Strickland of the Ontario Co-operative Association. If you would like to participate virtually, please send your full name and e-mail to falldien@algomau.ca.

The workshop is FREE, but registration is required as space is limited. Light refreshments will be provided. Register online today! 


This workshop is provided by: Social Enterprise Northern Ontario (SENO) CoStarter for Change program

Have you ever thought about starting your own
business while benefiting the local community?

Money & support available through the SENO Costarter for Change program!

The Co-operative Model: Overview & Legalities

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