ASOPRICOR is a community-based organization that represents many rural organizations, co-operatives and communities in rural Cundinimarca, Colombia. Research coordinator: José Reyes Read more

ASOPRICOR is a community-based organization that represents many rural organizations, co-operatives and communities in rural Cundinimarca, Colombia. ASOPRICOR is intensely involved in sustainable development initiatives in this region including agriculture, social enterprise, and women’s organizations. For the last five years, ASOPRICOR and Algoma U had a partnership where students, faculty, and community members exchanged knowledge and experiences between North and South.

School of Community Development Animators

This new project will include a Colombian University, UNIMINUTO, to develop an educational program with a focus on maintaining and extending efforts in holistic sustainable development projects in the region. The project will create a post-secondary program similar to Algoma U’s Certificate in Community Economic and Social Development, and adapted to the Colombian context.