Building Resilient Communities Through Community-Based Forest Management Conference (2013)

In response to the striking nation-wide growth and interest in community forestry, from January 16 to 18, 2013 in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, Algoma University NORDIK Institute and the Northern Ontario Sustainable Communities Partnership (NOSCP) hosted the first ever interdisciplinary conference to advance community forestry as a model for collaborative decision-making and development in Canada. Read more

First Nations, government and industry representatives, community forest practitioners, NGOs and researchers from across Canada met  to build on the startling growth of Canadian community forestry and to develop a national network for analysis and policy engagement.  There was a high level of engagement from the conference's 150 participants. Next steps for the newly-formed policy network that was birthed at the conference are already being determined.

It was a full house at Algoma's Water Tower Inn!

It was a full house at Algoma's Water Tower Inn!

Conference Steering Committee: Lynn Palmer, Gayle Broad, Ryan Bullock, Peggy Smith, Meghan Ableson

Conference Steering Committee:
Lynn Palmer, Gayle Broad, Ryan Bullock,                Peggy Smith, Meghan Ableson





Bibliography- Download the bibliography developed by Dr. Ryan Bullock with community forestry publications.

Conference Program Download the conference program to learn about topics, speakers, and conference activities

Community Forestry Pamphlet: Download an informative pamphlet that introduces the concept of community forestry.

Speaker Presentations:

Sara Teitelbaum: Overview of Community Forests in Canada

Shashi Kant: Provision of Ecosystem Services: For Communities and By Communities (Lessons from First Nations)

Evelyn Pinkerton: Evaluating Municipally-Owned Corporations as Community Forests Governance Structures

Susan Mulkey: British Columbia Community Forest Association; local people; local forests; local decisions

Erik Leslie: Harrop-Procter Community Forest; Ideals into action

Jesse Ribot: Democratic Decentralization?

Jean Arnold: Community Forestry: Our Vision and Plan for Western New Brunswick

David Robinson: The Economics of Community Forestry

Melvin Cruz: Building Networks to Support Community Forestry; The Experience of MaderaVerde in the North Coast of Honduras

Leigh Colpitts: Forest Tenure Modernization in Ontario

Geoff Quaile: Cree-Québec Forest Board; 10 Years Out

Student Posters

2013-01-16 Grad Student Posters

D'Arcy Davis-Case The Resilient Politics of Community Forestry

Dan Duckert Creating a space to speak: Developing a community-based communication strategy of First Nation values and world view related to community well-being and resource development

Denise Golden Collaborative Research on Climate Change in Ontario's Northern Boreal Forest: First Nation Engagement and Perspectives

Krish Homagain Carbon Friendly Communities through Biochar-based Bioenergy System in Northern Ontario

Brendon Johnson  First Nation Perceptions of Renewable Energy Initiatives and Economic Development in Northern Ontario

Mariko Molander  Between Then and Now: A Genealogy of Community-Based Tenures in Relation to the Self-Determination of First Nations in BC

Molly Moshofsky Keeping up with Climate Change; Identifying the Range of Acceptable Human Interventions in Forested Ecosystems

Lynn Palmer  Enabling Community-based Forest Management in Northern Ontario

Chander Shahi et al.  Understanding Human Behaviour in Community Based Forest Management: Experimental Economics Approach from India

Monika Singh Reflecting why Gender Matters in Community Forestry Programs

Dmitry Tarasov Comparative analysis of wood pellet parameters: Canadian case study