Welcoming Communities Initiative (2011)

A multidisciplinary alliance of universities, colleges, and community organizations dedicated to promoting the integration of immigrants and minorities across Ontario. Research Coordinator, José Reyes and Student Researcher, Daryl Nelligan Read more

Welcoming Communities Initiative (WCI) is a multidisciplinary alliance of universities, colleges and communities aimed at developing and testing measures to attract and fully integrate immigrants and minorities in cities across Ontario. The Sault Community Career Centre, NORDIK Research Institute and the Welcoming Communities Initiative joined in partnership to produce a baseline survey to identify and eliminate gaps in programs and services, consolidate community resources, and address current and pending labour shortages through Immigration Strategy. NORDIK will undergo the same process of survey development in Timmins with the Timmins Economic Development Corporation. For more information on the Welcoming COmmunities Initiative, visit: www.welcomingcommunities.ca