CESD or Community Economic and Social Development is an interdisciplinary undergraduate degree linking the economic health and social well being of communities at Algoma University.

CESD students and are viewed as a key resource for NORDIK’s research while faculty and experienced researchers also provide mentoring and guidance to student research assistants.

NORDIK provides a variety of opportunities for student involvement including but not limited to students from the Community Economic and Social Development program at Algoma University.

Students Building Sustainable Communities (The CESD Club)

The CESD Club is an association of students in the Community Economic and Social Development program at Algoma University, as well as supporters of CESD principles and ideals.

Algoma University’s CESD Club commits to undertaking campaigns and initiatives to raise awareness of, and attempt to redress, local and global issues. These initiatives include developing The People’s Garden on Algoma U’s campus, performing ongoing academic research on a range of community concerns, and coordinating an international learning exchange with the community of Intag, Ecuador.

The club can be reached at cesdclub@algomau.ca