Community-based Research

In community-based research, community members are at the centre of the process i.e., they take greater ownership and control over the decisions and activities related to the entire research process.

“Community-based research is a collaboration between community groups and resesarchers for the purpose of creating new knowledge or understanding about a practical community issue in order to bring about change. The issue is generated by the community and community members participate in all aspects of the research process. Community-based research therefore is collaborative, participatory, empowering, systematic and transformative.”
(Hills and Mullett, 2000)

This type of research methodology encourages community engagement and mobilization, and civic participation, i.e., the participation of people at the grass-roots level in developing policy which is responsive to their needs.

It has a long history and is well-accepted  as a valid research methodology, particularly in the fields of education, community development and organizational change.