Recent and Ongoing

The Urban Indigenous Youth for Change (UIYFC)
The Urban Indigenous Youth for Change (UIYFC) pilot project will provide an in-depth opportunity to teach and learn from urban Indigenous youth how to incorporate cultural and land based learning with different types of entrepreneurship education, leading to increased and diverse participation in the social economy. Read more
The Living Wage for Sault Ste. Marie (2019)
This research is part of NORDIK Institute’s Sustainable North initiative. Sustainable North is a research and evidence-based policy suite investigating options to promote greater community resilience, sustainability, and improved equitable quality of life in Northern Ontario. Read more
Growth for Sault Ste. Marie’s Future: A Review of the Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot
Northern Ontarians have spent most of the 21st century concerned about our region’s declining population, which due to a combination of outmigration and declining birth rates has either declined or been relatively stagnant since the late 1990s. While these declines are somewhat offset by the population growth in Indigenous communities throughout the region, if this demographic trend does not reverse itself, Northern Ontario will lack the human resources to fill local labour market needs and the regional tax base will continue to shrink, resulting in a region that is less productive, economically less active, and risks further decline.Read more
Indigenous Youth Lead Youth Anti-Racism Program
In partnership with an Indigenous Youth Council, NORDIK has developed the innovative Indigenous Youth Lead Youth Anti-Racism Program. This important initiative is intended to empower youth leaders to deliver culturally safe, Indigenous-focused anti-racism workshops in school and community settings. The objective of this program is to promote understanding and a shared responsibility in creating respectful community relationships with all youth in Ontario.
SEE – Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (SEE) is an ongoing initiative that seeks to address Northern Ontario’s social and economic challenges through the development of a social enterprise ecosystem. As an emergent initiative, it has engaged multi-sector partnerships and diverse stakeholders in strengthening the region’s resilience by leveraging local assets to diversify economies. NORDIK Institute serves as a backbone organization to the collective. Read more
Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT)
The Coalition for Algoma Passenger Trains (CAPT) is a regional not-for-profit organization composed of a broad variety of interests, including individuals, municipalities, First Nations, tourism operators, recreationists, environmentalists, students, community economic development professionals and accessibility groups who recognize the significant social, economic, and environmental value of Northern Ontario’s passenger trains. Read more
Bring Food Home Algoma: Policy Paper on Building Resilient Futures
Bring Food Home Algoma: Policy Paper on Building Resilient Futures, highlights needs and challenges within the current food system, including the need for education about food production and processing, meeting food needs related to the region’s existing and emerging cultural diversity, and increasing access to healthy local food. It also underscores the need for cross-sector collaboration and diversifying local food production and promoting sustainable production methods.
Valuing Northern Libraries
The toolkit provides a new and innovative way for libraries to measure their impact in their communities, creating a tool for library advocacy. It takes an innovative approach to a Return on Investment model as it allows small, rural, Northern and First Nation libraries, who may otherwise have been unable to afford consultant fees, to complete ROI studies independently. Read more